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十一月01, 2019
Major Reconstruction of Taipei’s Markets - Breathing New Life into Old Markets
The market is like an epitome of the city, particularly in an environment with mixed residential and commercial buildings. Nestles within the city’s back alleys, traditional markets not only cater to the everyday needs of people but also are enriched with important values such as local cultural characteristics, social identity, and economic development. As time goes by, the environment and equipment of traditional markets are also becoming obsolete, in turn affecting people’s safety and health, therefore market reconstruction has become a significant agenda. In recent years, Taipei City Government has vigorously pushed for market reconstruction, renovation, and transformation. As a result, the Taipei City Public Retail Market Environmental Health Improvement Plan was launched in 2015, introducing concepts such as dry/wet separation, keeping trash off the ground, decreasing plastic packaging and improving drainage. At the same time, green energy, eco-friendly building, and digitization are implemented to gradually revamp the antiquated image of traditional markets, endowing them with an air of newness and modernity, hoping to provide citizens with a high-quality shopping environment and promoting urban tourism.
About the Author:Editing by Lin Tong-An, Proofreading by Chen Po-Jung
Editor of Taipeiecon